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WAX MELTS- Fall Collection

WAX MELTS- Fall Collection

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Our fall wax melt collection is here!

Medusa's Beauty fall wax melts create a warm, inviting and nostalgic atmosphere to your home. 

All wax melts are hand poured at 2.5 oz. each. 

Burn Time: 50- 80 Hours 

What do we smell like???

Pomegranate Cider- Fragrant note of lemon peel, pomegranate, cranberry and red currant with hints of spice and apple cider.

Apples & Maple Bourbon- Fragrant top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange, bourbon butter, sweet maple and vanilla finish off 

Black Coral Moss- Fragrant notes of orange, patchouli, nootka tree, and eucalyptus. 

Pumpkin Chai- Fragrant top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel intermingle with the clove and black tea

Cypress & Bayberry- Fragrant notes of cypress, moss, and bayberry blend with rich undertones of fir, patchouli, and sweet incense.

Frosted Juniper- Fragrant notes of cooling camphor, airy ozone, and a hint of citrus. Middle notes of deep red berry, woody pine and juniper. The fresh evergreen notes are reinforced by eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf essential oils.

Cashmere Plum- Fragrant notes of bright citrus and a touch of black cherry enhance the dark plum. Amber, sugar, and vanilla base notes reinforce the sweetness of this scent, while musk and freesia add a light earthy feel. 

Wax Melt Care 

  • Place your wax melts in a melt approved wax warmer/ burner and never add water 
  • Place your melt warmer in a stable position away from drafts and flammable objects 
  • Do not leave your warmer on for extended periods of time (max 3h at a time) 
  • Never leave a burner/ warmer unattended. Put it out / turn it off before leaving the room. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. 
  • You can reuse your wax melt until the scent has faded. Once faded remove wax residue and add a new wax melt. 

Handmade by Medusa

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